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Best Material To Use For Mast?

Jul 7th 2020, 01:02


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Hello Everyone,

Been on a 30 year hiatus from ham radio, but I’m back!

I just ordered a Comet GP-3. What type and diameter of material would you recommend using for the mast? I’ll be using a double wall mount bracket attached to the fascia board of the house. Ideally the mast would be about 10’ in length running from the bracket to the end where the antenna sits. My goal (if structurally sound) is to have the mast supported only by the two brackets without needing it to extend to the ground.

Much thanks in advance for your ideas.

73s – KB4QZC
Jul 9th 2020, 08:40


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I know this isn't the same, as it describes a tower with a base on the ground. But, the goal is the same, to use the house in a structurally sound manner.

AUG 1996 - QST (PG. 35)
Install a House-Bracketed Tower--the Right Way!
Author: Brock-Fisher, Tony, K1KP

Zak W1VT
ARRL Senior Lab Engineer

Jul 9th 2020, 16:58


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Don't forget that there are some NEC requirements for grounding your "antenna."

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