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Math reference sheet

May 1st 2021, 11:37


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My BS is in engineering but my experience has been teaching and programming. When working in the tech fields I have had access to multiple user developed reference sheets on various topics (things like javascript references with commands, parameters and so on.

I am working through the Extra manual for a test on 24 May and am surprised that I can’t find compilations with inductance, reactance, time constant, etc. formulas (hmm... formulae?) on them.

Is my google and bing-fu that weak or are those locked in a vault somewhere?

Michael Cannon
Aug 9th 2021, 15:50


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If you are still looking for equation references, try this:
I'm a BSEE and have used this site quite extensively. If the above is to focused, use the following search terms in Google:
'electronics equation reference sheets for school'
Hope this helps.

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