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Newbie - Antenna Mast, Antennas, etc

Aug 27th, 16:55


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I'm new to the hobby, slowly building my first shack and need advice.

I currently have an old TV antenna on a 5' mast banded to my brick chimney. I've purchased a Diamond X30A, a Ultimax DXtreme 88' and a Channel Master Masterpiece 45 to replace the TV antenna.

1. Do I need to maintain a distance between the TV antenna and the HAM antennas?

2. If not, can all of these antennas be placed on the same mast? The Diamond above, the Ultimax below the TV antenna?

3. If it's ok to place all 3 antennas on the same mast, is top rail strong enough our should I consider using a heavier wall aluminum mast, something like a 1.50 to 2" diameter with .125 to .25" wall?

4. Is it stronger to ground mount the mast and affix it to the house in several places?

5. What is the maximum recommended unsupported mast length above the highest mount before it needs to be guyed?

6. Any issues with placing HAM radio antennas above a chimney?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!



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