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Aluminium Pool Screen Enclosure

Nov 29th 2021, 09:29


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In the past i have had both an OCF dipole antenna and a single band center fed dipole antenna installed in fairly close proximity to my pool screen enclosure (aluminium). Performance seemed to be pretty good and unaffected by the structure. I was mostly interested in the 10-20m bands and both my dipoles. In both instances my dipoles were installed very low (~15ft) but worked really well.

Is there a rule of thumb on how close a dipole can be to a screen enclosure? Does the antenna see this structure as ground? Anyone have an EZ-NEC model that simulates an aluminium structure near a dipole?

Appreciate any comments/thoughts. thanks,
Nov 29th 2021, 13:33


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HOBBIES Introduction and Summary [5.6 MB]

QEX Magazine
Nov/Dec 2020
Steve Stearns, K6OIK
[uploaded 10/26/2020]

ABSTRACT: HOBBIES (acronym for “Higher Order Basis Based Integral Equation Solver”) is software for computational electromagnetic analysis. It is a great tool for modeling antennas, arrays of antennas, coupled transmit and receive antennas, and scattering problems. HOBBIES E&M algorithms are similar to those in the professional program WIPL-D. Due to efficient software architecture and numerical algorithms, HOBBIES can handle very large and complex models on a desktop or laptop computer, for which other software programs would require a supercomputer. The best part is that HOBBIES is inexpensive.

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