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New Category?

Nov 25th 2011, 18:11


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I don't see a convenient place to discuss the forum itself, so I'll post here and the mods can put it wherever it needs to go.

I think there needs to be a forum category to discuss the content of the website itself, ask questions, and/or provide feedback. I realize that there's a "contact ARRL" link, but my impression is that HQ staff monitors the forums more frequently than they do the feedback requests (given the response that the feedback will be handled in a couple of days.)

For example, in the current quiz (page ) I believe the answer to question #4 is wrong. The rationale is correct, but the "correct" response letter is incorrect.

Having a forum category for website feedback/discussion might get the error corrected more quickly.

edited to add:
It also might provide a place to ask questions about forum operation -- such as, can you create an automatic "signature" for postings, like you can on most other forums?

edited a day later to add:
It looks like somebody fixed the answer to question #4 on the quiz, although there's been no feedback here, nor in my e-mail...

John DE K5JY

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