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Proper Grounding of Coaxial Feed?

Feb 2nd 2022, 15:26


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This may seem like a real newbie question, but though I've been ana amateur for years, I have only recently started using coax to an antenna. I have never seen this question talked about (but, I admit I haven't read much on the subject). So here it is:

Should a simple coaxial feed (one antenna, one tuned frequency, etc.) be grounded only at the transmitter (single-point ground), at both ends, or should a long run be grounded at every point you can?

My antenna is a 150-ohm grounded 'vertical' (though I don't really have it set up vertical) with a homebuilt matching transformer (8:14 turns ratio) with its primary fitted for 50-ohm coax using the usual PL- type connector. However, I built the transformer so there is a protruding threaded stud bonded to the outer connector shell, and I have a ground wire attached from this stud to the nearby earth ground. So, the 50-ft coax is grounded at the antenna ground AND to earth ground from the transmitter AND to earth ground from an MFJ lightning suppressor outside the shack, a few ft beyond the transmitter output. Is there anything suboptimal about this arrangement?

Larry K0WUQ

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