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Antenna to Tower separation distance

Jun 19th 2022, 13:15

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I have a 30-foot tower for 6m work with a Hazer to raise and lower the antenna / rotor setup. The mast extends 10-feet up from the tower top. I have used a single 5-element extended boom Yagi mounted half way up the mast and a 6m vertical on top of the mast.
I would like to add a second identical 6m Yagi but that would place one all the way at the top by the vertical and one only a few inches above the tower.
Is this a problem?
Will the lower antenna work alright close to the tower top?
Do I need to remove the vertical?
Do absolutely have to find a longer mast?
Apr 16th 2023, 17:23


Joined: Mar 31st 2020, 15:11
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Is your Yagi polarized vertically or horizontally? If horizontally, the mutual induction from the vertical to the horizontal Yagi antennas shouldn't be a issue.

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