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SatCom Base Station

Dec 6th 2011, 23:04


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I have the ARRL Book, "The Radio Amateur's Satellite Handbook". It is jam packed with tons of info but somewhat appears to be out of date. Since it makes reference to as of this writing 1990.

I'm new to all of this and I'm thinking that my communications goal for a satcom base station would be packet or digital modes. As my hearing isn't what is used to be. I'm trying to figure out what I would need for a base station.

Lets say I have a budget of about $2,500.00. What should I be looking at in regards to equipment/antennas.

The only HF rig I have is the Kenwood TS-850. So, I know I will probably need something else. I do not have any VHF rigs but I do have an older TNC from Timewave.

I live on the Island of Oahu.



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