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One last attempt to get an answer

Jun 9th 2023, 18:51


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i am setting up an AV-14AVQ roof mount radial system with 8 radials as per the manufacturer recommendation, all 1/4 wave. Two of the radials are 33 ft. My roof is 45 ft wide and my antenna is mounted on a tripod right in the middle. That means that the 40m band radials will end up with about 11 ft of excess radial once I get to the end of the roof.

What is the recommended way to deal with the excess? Let it hang down? Let it hang down to an insulator attached to the side wall? Extend it out on some sort of pole?

This is my last attempt getting an answer to a number of questions. If no answer I will conclude ARRL is a total waste of my money and will dump it.
Jul 26th 2023, 15:33


Joined: Jun 8th 2020, 17:01
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If possible, I would orient the radials so they do not go over the roof. I realize that they would not be equidistance apart from one another, but that shouldn't affect the antenna system. If you instead choose to keep them equidistance apart, when the radial gets to the edge, I would turn it 90ยบ and run it along the edge of the roof.

Either one of these ideas will keep them from just dangling off the roof. And remember, Amateur Radio is about experimentation... give it a try, and if you think it will be better in a different lay out, then change it.

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