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New Fee for Print Copies of QST

Nov 13th 2023, 11:00


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Don't see this mentioned yet so I guess I will start the topic.

I received the email last week regarding the change in my ARRL membership with the requirement that effective Jan 1, 2024 I need to pay "extra" to receive my printed copy of QST.

My current ARRL membership expires in August 2024.

When I renewed several years ago, One of the reasons was specifically because of the printed copies of QST.

Now ARRL has unilaterally changed the terms of the membership that I paid for and stated that I need to pay an additional fee to continue receiving something that I had already purchased.

Do I personally like the electronic copies of publications? The answer is yes and I have many items, including my daily newspaper, coming to me in a digital only format.

Several years ago, I gave about 5 years of printed QST magazines to my son-in-law for him to look thru. He joined a local club not long after and is now an active member in that organization.

So, my rant is 2-fold -

1. ARRL has retroactively changed an agreement that I had specifically signed up and paid for by telling me they will no longer deliver the printed magazine as they had previously agreed to do. Subsequently I have been told that to receive something that I had already paid for I now need to pay a surcharge.

2. The printed magazines are a valuable tool to pass out to other younger "HAMS" so they can get a feeling for what this hobby is about.
Nov 21st 2023, 12:09


Joined: Oct 21st 2017, 14:23
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I agree 100%.
I am rethinking the value of continuing membership. To be honest I already had a doubt this swings the pendulum.
Nov 21st 2023, 19:24


Joined: Jan 7th 2017, 00:39
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I'm one year into a three year subscription to QST, I didn't think they could change the fee until the membership expired. Doesn't seem very ethical.
Apr 2nd, 13:36


Joined: Sep 6th 2010, 11:13
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Question, does ARRL have a legal right to do this. My current subscription also ends August 2024. I found out a little late about this whole matter and found if I want to continue receiving QST, I have to pay $15. While I don't object to help cover off cost, I object to the way the ARRL went about this. I have yet to receive an printed issue of QST for 2024, and I was told if I wanted the past issues I never received I could could purchase them. But I already did with my subscription. I would think legally they are obligated to send out printed QST until your subscription actually ends regardless of the date. You paid for it in advance and ARRL is reneging.

73 De Mike
Jul 5th, 21:52


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Greetings. My print QST's are coming in sporadic facounting. Paid the 3xra amount. I think i need April and May. One appeared for June with FD cover. I have not seen July. Guys in my radio group in nw Iowa are thinking about leaving ARRL. It has passed my mind too and I have been a member many years. The frustrations with ARRL are mounting. Tnx, Dave ka9ozp EC for Cherokee County

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