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January DIY QST

Dec 13th 2011, 03:22


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The January QST (which I just received today) was a refreshing change. I'd very much like to see more QSTs devoted to DIY.

I particularly enjoyed the point-to-point wiring project on p. 73. That sure brought back memories! Let's have more tube projects like that, and perhaps some breadboard projects as well. Printed circuit boards have their place, yes, but they have their drawbacks (for one thing, point-to-point construction is much more easily modified than a PCB.)

As was well stated on p. 75, "The enjoyment of seeing your own creation work--or even if it fails [at first]--always surpasses being a mere user of corporate products." I fully agree.

Since 1976, most of my enjoyment of amateur radio comes from modifying or building antennas and equipment. What little on-the-air operating I do has been mostly to test what I've built. How many others are like that? I suspect more than we might think.

73, Mike

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