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Feedline routing and lightning surge protection Suggestions

Mar 23rd 2013, 18:59


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I figured I would try and get as prepared as possible for the up coming spring T-storms. Yesterday I purchased 3 OPEK LP-350A lightning surge protectors. They are rated to 350w DC discharge at 50 ohm with less than 0.1 db insertion loss.
I have a 2m/70cm Diamond X50, a Homebrew dipole, and a Solarcon A99 10 meter vertical hooked up using LMR-400 coax to a box containing the surge protectors then routed inside my Shack(basement) to my rigs. I have the Lightning surge protectors mounted to a copper bar then grounded to a 9 ft copper rod in the ground with 8 ft of #8awg green insulated wire. I also have 9 foot of the same wire running from the grounding rod to a grounding bar inside my shack.

Am I on the right track with what I have done so far? I am very much open to constructive critiques and suggestions from the smarter people than me
Thanks, in advance!
Mar 24th 2013, 13:49


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The issue for most hams is properly bonding the electrical service entrance to the shack ground--for many hams--the most likely target for lightning is the overhead electrical wiring. And, if the most likely destination is the shack ground, because you did such a great job--you need to provide a good outside the house path between the two.

Tom Rauch W8JI has excellent pages on station grounding.

We have web a page on lightning protection

Zack Lau W1VT
ARRL Senior Lab Engineer

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