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Radio History Question--Role of Radio at San Francisco's 1915 Pan-Pacific Expo?

Sep 14th 2013, 17:41


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Apologies if this request is poorly placed--I'm unsure where in the ARRL Forums to post questions of an historical nature.

Shortly after the dawn of radio, in 1915, the San Francisco Panama-Pacific International Exposition (PPIE) opened.

NOTE: The long-standing San Francisco Radio Club (W6PW) cites operations originating in 1916, then incorporation in 1919.

According to news reports from the era, the PPIE was host to uncountable marvels of technology, science and other advancements.

It seems MUST have been an important feature of the PPIE.

However (after several months of occasional Saturday-morning investigations), there appears to be very few mentions of the role of radio at the PPIE.

Does anyone know where to find an authoritative reference source with details regarding the role of radio at San Francisco's 1915-PPIE? Is there a list of "firsts" (e.g., first time radio was used to {do something awesome})? Notable radio demonstrations? Important people of the era using radio at the Expo? Major radio demos? Radio vendors exhibiting? Location(s) on the grounds of the PPIE (today's Marina District) of radio-related items of interest (e.g., antennas, radio shacks)? Anything?

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

Best & 73,


PS: The nature of this request is also being posted to the may see the same thing, twice.

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