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Underwater 2.45GHz Antenna Dec 18th 2020, 18:51 1 4,369 on 18/12/20
Good book on HF for General Class. Jan 19th 2020, 09:01 1 4,911 on 19/1/20

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Underwater 2.45GHz Antenna W1JRZ on 18/12/20
Merry Christmas!

I am interested in anyone’s experience designing antennas for fresh water communications at 2.45GHz.

Not impossible as I have a link working at 50cm, but need to extend the range to 1 meter.

I am especially curious about how to match a fully insulated dipole using a relatively low end VNA

Likewise, I am intriqued how calculate the length of the radiators and understand these need to be reduced by about 1/9 compared to that in air.

Any feedback is appreciated!

Jay Zebryk, W1JRZ
Good book on HF for General Class. W1JRZ on 19/1/20
I am looking for a good book about HF operation in preparation for my General. Wanting to understand versus simply memorize the correct answers by wrote. Not something too exhaustive, but which explains the basic science. I plan on operating on 80 Meters & 40 Meters like I did as a Novice in 1970.

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