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Feedline Mismatch Question Sep 2nd 2013, 13:02 8 6,375 on 22/10/13
Using Coax From Old Sat. dish Jan 28th 2012, 18:34 2 6,000 on 28/1/12

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Feedline Mismatch Question W1FL on 22/10/13
Thanks, however I do not use a tuner and the SWR is less than 1.5/1 on all bands. My question regarding the use of two 150 foot R6 cables in parallel has to do with the reduction of line loss. I realize the impedance would be reduced but probably the 15 ohm differential from 50 ohms will remain the same.

Feedline Mismatch Question W1FL on 20/10/13
Another R6 question: The R6 works very well feeding the Hustler Vert. Since there are two R6 cables in this old sat. run. Would there be any advantage to running them in parallel from the shack to the antenna ?


Andy Knittle W1FL
Feedline Mismatch Question W1FL on 2/9/13
Thanks so much. Wonderful info. ARRL does it again !
Feedline Mismatch Question W1FL on 2/9/13
I would like to feed a Hustler 5BTV antenna with a 50 ohm input with RG6 70 ohm cable that is available in-ground from a previous satellite installation. The cable length is approx 150 ft.

I have a Ten Tec Eagle 100 watt with built in tuner.

Is this a big incompatibility issue or will it work satisfactorily ?

Kind regards, 73's
Using Coax From Old Sat. dish W1FL on 28/1/12
I still have the in-ground coax leading to the mast of an old 12' sat. TV dish. There are 4 separate coax cables in this special cable set.

My question: Can I use the coax to feed a 50 ohm vertical antenna, and would there be any benefit in linking the 4 coax cables in parallel from the tuner to the antenna ?

Thanks very much, 73

Andy Knittle W1FL

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