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Attaching ladder line to house Aug 7th 2011, 23:39 4 7,135 on 9/8/11

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Attaching ladder line to house tuckert on 8/8/11
awesome, I want to do it right Thank You!
Attaching ladder line to house tuckert on 7/8/11
Concerning ladder line is it imperative to not have it near any metal? I need to attach at least 6 feet to the house prior to switching to coax to enter the shack and there is an aluminum gutter all along that edge of the roof. Do I use standoffs of some type, and then under the eaves must I not use metal brackets to fasten to the wooden structure of the eaves? This ladder line is not the open ladder line but a more solid looking feedline that came with the C5RV antenna I recently purchased

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