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OCFD Dec 22nd 2018, 13:27 3 6,035 on 23/12/18
2 meter antenna Jul 28th 2013, 01:27 2 6,474 on 28/7/13

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OCFD Hamradio1 on 23/12/18
Thank you W1VT that was very helpful
OCFD Hamradio1 on 22/12/18
Small space. Fenced back yard. Can I put a pole in the corner of the fence and put a 66 ft dipole and run one leg north and the other west in an inverted V or flat top? At 20 to 25 ft .
2 meter antenna Hamradio1 on 28/7/13
I would like to put a full wave 2 meter whip on my p/u but not sure how to match it to 50 ohms. Any help out there?
2 meter antenna Barre1951 on 28/7/13
I like the laird 5/8 wave mno mount antenna

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