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QST as Downloadable PDF Dec 14th 2015, 22:04 7 7,259 on 15/3/18
License Reciprocity - INDIA Sep 3rd 2011, 07:35 3 8,125 on 9/9/11

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QST as Downloadable PDF w4msl on 14/12/15
I realize that this is a long-standing complaint, but I'd still like to see QST available for download as a full-issue pdf files. The earlier issues are of particular interest to me, but not as single articles. I'd like to be able to browse through those archives at my leisure without having to specify what I want to view before I've seen it! Other quality magazines make their entire archives available for download to subscribers. Why not QST? It may be because some (and only some) of the issues are available for purchase on CD-ROM. But it would be nice if members could grab the archives themselves.
License Reciprocity - INDIA w4msl on 9/9/11
Quote by W1RFIAdmin
I used the search box on the site and asked it to find reciprocal india. The following two pages looked useful:


Helpful. The actual process, based on what I've found on the actual Indian web-site, appears difficult. Will find out. Thanks.
License Reciprocity - INDIA w4msl on 3/9/11
As far as I can tell, INDIA does NOT extend reciprocity to US Amateurs visiting or resident in India, though does to many European countries. I hope I'm mistaken, and would appreciate an authoritative reference either way.

I went as far as registering with the GoI's Dept of Telecommunications web site and began an application. However, I was stuck when I was unable to select US from the drop-down menu of countries with which India appears to have a reciprocal agreement.

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