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Mobile radio protection on very rough roads Sep 26th 2011, 17:41 2 5,983 on 27/9/11

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Mobile radio protection on very rough roads AF6WI on 26/9/11
My wife and I camp in Death Valley and many of the roads are extremely rough -- washboard, potholes, big rocks, and such. The truck takes quite a pounding, and I'm concerned about my amateur radios being beaten to death on the way to and from our campsite. We've got a TS-480 and FT-8900R.

I know they're solid state, but I find it hard to accept that they'll survive without some sort of damping. I've thought of suspending the radio between the ceiling and floor on bungee cords or using some kind of padding, but the washboard vibrations and the potholes and rocks are different enough shocks that I think I may need more kinds of protection than one.

Any suggestions?

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