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old timer in apartment, asking for comments. K9AXM on 16/12/11
I know the feeling of those restrictions. I live in a mobile home I rent, on the bright side my landlord is a little more relaxed, so let's me get by with a few things. (Still trying to talk him into that 200ft tower...hi hi)
A simple mag mount on top of the house, lets me get most of the local repeaters within 50 miles of me at a 47 rst (unless bad wether is hitting the area) In the pass at my old QTH, I could hit repeaters twice as far away.

Unfournately when you rent, sometimes you lose things like this..... but if you can compromise (such as a mag mount on the roof [like I did] or a stealth antenna hidden out a window, it's better then nothing in my opinion.

Plus I look at it this way.... we still find ways to get that qreat QSO, despite the restrictions placed on us as renters. We have to build our own "toys", come up with Plan B, C and D, and at times just exeriment, just to get it to work for us.
It's alot harder for us to comunicate at times then the guy with a 45 foot tower in his backyard, and thats what I believe makes us that rent "better" Hams in the long run.

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