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Have you done radio physics experiments? Jul 29th 2011, 07:58 6 9,500 on 15/12/14

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Have you done radio physics experiments? LeeM on 29/7/11
Hello this is Lee, AG6CB. I am interested in hearing from a ham or hams who have done radio experiments and physics study that explore the fundamental puzzle of how radio waves produce action or communication at a distance.

First I am asking for a mention of book titles and web sites that you have found that have helped with your version of an inquiry into the fundamental nature underlying a radio wave.

For experiments, I'm thinking about setting up a pair of wire loops and driving one wire loop with a very small signal and watching the other loop with an oscilloscope. This is a lot like the original Marconi and Hertz experiments.

Now what will I see when I drive the sending loop with a single cycle of rf electricity? How about two cycles? Is there a wave front delay? How many cycles are needed for the receiving loop to develop magnetic fields and electrical potential?

An interesting thing is there is a mathematics package called "Sage" and this package has the ability to solve differential equations. What will happen if I measure what I observe and try actually running a real copy of the Maxwell wave equation with real data from the experiment?

Now, can I go beyond the wave equation and do the comparable math using what the physicists say are the actual subatomic particles involved?

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