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Anyone know any Grumman Apollo people? Mar 1st 2019, 07:49 2 6,236 on 1/3/19

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Anyone know any Grumman Apollo people? AB2ZI on 1/3/19
Hey everyone, got this forwarded message from a member this morning:
--------------------Forwarded Message----------------------
July 20th is the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 lunar landing. I'm building a Montauk Observatory event around that. I have a Stony Brook prof who'll be giving a presentation about the Apollo missions.

The prof and I simultaneously came up with the idea to see if any engineers or others are still around on Long Island, guys who worked for Grumman, NASA or in some other capacity on the Apollo missions. We'd like to honor them for their efforts and maybe do a panel discussion/roundtable.

The question is: how to find those guys. I thought perhaps there might be a few among the members of GSBARC, which is why I'm writing to you. Is there some way you can ask around or post the club and have them contact me if there's an interest or a lead?

BTW: I'm also doing my best to see if I can arrange a screening of the new Apollo 11 documentary as part of the program.
--------------------End Forwarded Message---------------
If anyone knows someone or can help point them in the right direction please email Donna McCormick at

73, Kevin AB2ZI

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