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Multiple wire antennas L_S_Long3 on 17/10/13
Thank you Zack, I cannot imagine a better reply than yours so I will go with your suggestion. I did not add that I am expecting the delivery of an MFJ 259 with all available accessories. I was hoping to avoid any obvious issues as I am going to be doing this work short handed thus the trial and error portion many hams can employ I cannot due to my far removed operating qth. I truly live in a small community, am far from family etc. etc. Thus I will go with a 10] length of fiberglass mast to separate the two antennas and see how that tests.
Thank you again kind sir for your response!
Multiple wire antennas L_S_Long3 on 15/10/13
I have a couple of questions regarding the installation of two wire antennas. Antenna 1 is an Alpha Delta DX-LB + good for operation from 160 - 10m is coax fed (LMR-400) and will be installed as an inverted V in an east-west orientation @ 30' x 60' x 30'. On each end pipe I will have a 10 - 17m vertical (Solarcon IMAX 200) and a Diamond 2/440 ground plane. I have these figured out...but wanted to provide some detail as to my anticipated layout.

Things were fine until a fellow club member presented me with a free, nearly brand new 80 - 6 OCF Dipole that he swears is a DX beast. He recently moved and his lot will not permit a 132' long wire... I however live on a farm, on a prairie, very near the Gulf coast with room for a football stadium.

I am thinking of installing the OCFD in a north-south orientation thus keeping the two antennas @ 90 degree angles to one another.

Both will be coax fed (LMR-400). How much separation vertically do I need to provide to reduce unwanted interference? Ditto the feed lines... I will be running 100 watts out to the antennas as that is what I am blessed with and think it is all I need anyway until I spend a few years learning the (HF) ropes. Should I just pass on the OCFD and save it for a rainy day?

Thanks for your time and consideration. I went all through the many books I have accumulated and cannot find an answer to using multiple wire antenna do's and don'ts.

Best regards,
Scott Long

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