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how can you measure the rx noise floor at your qth Jun 10th 2017, 11:06 4 7,413 on 12/6/17
feed line length question May 6th 2017, 18:16 4 5,389 on 19/5/17

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how can you measure the rx noise floor at your qth km5bor on 11/6/17
thanks for the info will check out the site
how can you measure the rx noise floor at your qth km5bor on 10/6/17
I was watching an online video and the presenter was talking about the dbm of the noise floor at his location and the difference in noise floors in dbm from location to location be it urban or rural and if local am radio stations were in the area etcetc. What I am wanting to know is how does one measure that number he was giving?
Where did he get the dbm of the noise floor of his location? How can I measure mine?
Im looking at ways to eliminate or lower interference and noise that I may have control over. Any help is much appreciated. Still new to learning and need a lot of help LOL
RFI Solution-No Cooperation from Neighbor K3UU on 6/5/17
could be some kind of electric fence that pulses thru the wires. These are notoriously noisy.
feed line length question km5bor on 6/5/17
Hi new here and don't post or look here much but figured this was best place to ask a ham related question.
I have two towers I would like to put up and location is giving me fits as to exactly where.
I would like both of them to be where I could hang wire antennas from one to the other and have the feed lines come down between them. I would also place a rotator with antennas on tops of them as well.
I have several locations I am considering for the vhf uhf tower. One is approximately 40 feet away the other is 125 feet away.
My question is several. 1. how far is too far for vhf uhf ? What types of feed line would you recommend at those distances? Obviously I know the closer the better but I'm hoping someone can give me more specific answers. Also the tower is 72 foot tall and vhf uhf would be at the top of said tower so I realize that would add to the distance of feed line.
Any tips or help is much appreciated as I am new to tower stuff and different kinds of feed line. Currently using lmr 400 thru most of the shack.

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