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big island of Hawaii dxpedition Oct 1st 2012, 23:50 1 7,202 on 1/10/12
MFJ 1717 rubber duck antenna question Oct 27th 2011, 02:38 4 6,644 on 9/11/11

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big island of Hawaii dxpedition KI5SF on 1/10/12
I will be qrv as KH6/KI5SF from 0000 UTC October 26-1000 UTC October 27.
Here are some frequencies ranges where members can look for me during my Hawaii operation: ssb mode-160 meters(If I operate there) 1.850-1.900 80 meters -3.725-3.825 40 meters-7.125-7.200 20 meters- 14.200-14.300 17 meters-18.110-18.168 15 meters-21.225-21.325 12 meters-24.930-24.990 10 meters-28.400-28.500 and 6 meters if it is open -50.125 -50.200.
If I operate cw 160 meters -1.800-1.825 80 meters 3.525-3.570 40 meters-7.025-7.070 30 meters -10.100-10.125 20 meters-14.025-14.070 17 meters -18.068-18.110 15 meters-21.025-21.070 12 meters-24.890-24.930 and 10 meters-28.025-28.070.
I doubt I would operate cw on 6 meters and probably will not be on 60 meters at all.
MFJ 1717 rubber duck antenna question KI5SF on 27/10/11
I am sure that is why I am getting into only 2 repeaters on the 222 mHz band as there are others in my area on that band.The rubber duck is not very efficient.Probably a j-pole or vertical whip in the attic(where I will have to mount my antennas for now) cut for the 222 mHz band will do the trick for me.
MFJ 1717 rubber duck antenna question KI5SF on 27/10/11
My new MFJ 1717 is advertised as a dual band antenna that is a 1/4 wave antenna at on 2 meters and 1/2 wave on the 440 mHz band.But for some reason I can connect to 2 repeaters on the 222 mHz band at 224.380 and 224.620 respectively.It is 15 1/2 inches long.I figure it is about 3/8 wavelength at 224 mHz.Has anyone heard using a 3/8 wave antenna for these frequencies ?


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