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Appraisal of Setup esp. Grounding! Apr 28th 2020, 06:48 5 5,246 on 1/6/20

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Appraisal of Setup esp. Grounding! G5UK on 28/4/20
Thanks Zak. The separate grounding of the mast, metalwork and roof antenna is a great point and should be shown here. Does anyone see any issue with our advantage to the two earth rods for RF ground in the diagram - one being by the shack and the other near the the antennas?
Appraisal of Setup esp. Grounding! G5UK on 28/4/20
I wondered if a few of you very knowledgeable folks wouldn't mind to appraise my Shack/Antenna setup especially with regards to Grounding/Earthing? Also would love to hear any general suggestions for improvements. I have tried hard to follow best practices and read up a lot, but doubtless I'm missing a few things.

All the information is on this diagram:

Looking forward to the opportunity to further improve and optimise.

Thanks & 73!


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