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Logbook of the World K1DFT on 14/2/12
OK, I made a log using N3JP's software, moved my trusted QSL file over to the windows computer and tried uploading this log. Of course nothing happened. I have to say, you guys sure know how to make something complicated. You should keep to the KISS principle. This is ONLY a hobby.
Logbook of the World K1DFT on 14/2/12
I have downloaded a version of AC log but it will of course only run on my windows machines. I had hoped to do all this on my Mac.. Now that I am registed on the mac what do I have to do to register this laptop windows box (I don't like to put windows machines on the internet because of all the junk out there the apple mac handles it better with all the spyware etc.) I was able to sign on to LOTW from this laptop with no problem but I did not try to load any logs up.
I tried calling that number 860-594-0295.. NO answer.
Logbook of the World K1DFT on 11/2/12
I just recently tried uploading some of my paper logs to LOTW. I never could because apparently it requires a TSQ.8 file or something like that format but no one anywhere tells you what this is or how to create it. I found by searching the WEB that LOTW wants files in an ADI format. So I downloaded a neat little program that use Excell to create the required format. I entered my info from my paper logs and followed directions and uploaded my ADI format file. I then got the dreaded "This is not a TQSL format file" message AGAIN. I think I will give it up and go back to my old method. If you want a QSL from me just send me one with a SASE I will send you out one. This LOTW thing is to complicated, If they really wanted to make it user friendly they should have included a data entry window that allows you make electronic logs from your paper logs and create the right format for uploading right within LOTW instead of wasting my time.

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