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Does Paint Affect Braided Ground Line Apr 25th 2012, 22:52 11 8,730 on 20/6/12

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Does Paint Affect Braided Ground Line tas99 on 27/4/12

I guess I'll have to rethink my strategy and get away from the braid.

I understand the desireability of the wide copper strap but because of cost and the installation considerations it's not a good choice for me. The best alternative is #8 solid copper from the antenna to the ground rod.It doesn't come close to your recommended 1/3 of a pound per foot but it's a cost consideration.

Your opinion?

Does Paint Affect Braided Ground Line tas99 on 26/4/12
The issue of tin siding. It's actually wood siding and I'm securing it with screws to a wooden corner board. The paint is simply for looks.

As far as the comment on braid for ground. I choose that because of the recomendations of other guys and the staff at HRO. Now I'm concerned that I might not have made the right decision.


Does Paint Affect Braided Ground Line tas99 on 26/4/12

Thanks for the response.

The reason for the screws is simply to secure the ground braid to the corner board of the house. It's coming from the roof to the ground rod below the corner board. Otherwise it would be just hanging free and subject to damage.


Does Paint Affect Braided Ground Line tas99 on 25/4/12
I am planning on using 3/4" tinned braid for the ground connection from an antenna lightning arrestor to a buried copper rod; a distance of about 25'.

I was wondering if painting the braid will have any effect on its performance characteristic. Also, if I attach the braid with a screw through its center every 6 or 7 feet will that have any affect.

Any help would be appreciated.


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