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Longwire Antenna WB8ZTP on 28/2/12
Based on the hamuniverse lengths here is what I made with A 84' piece of 12/2 outdoor lighting (landscape) wire. I cut one of the conductors at 25' This is to be the matching stub. The radiator is the other conductor at the full 84'. They run parallel(molded together) up the back of my house to 22' then go horizontal to my neighbors tree. The 25' Conductor is just cut dead ended next to the radiator conductor. The two conductors are terminated to a PL259. 35' of rg8 feed this with a 8 turn 5" air balun just before the connection to the antenna. The LDG at-600 matches this wire excellent 80-10 meters although i only use it from 80-20. I also run an Ameritron ALS 600 with no problems. No rf in the shack, no counterproise wires - and no zaps or burns. Amazingly it works very very well for such a comprimise antenna. Small property calls for drastic measures. More importantly, being heard is the goal and having fun doing so. Experimient; you never know what will work for your situation.
73, Harold "Chip"
TS-2000 and DP9 or USB computer hook up WB7UZO on 28/2/12
I ran into this exact same problem. Do not but the USB cable with the prolific chipset. They do not work with anything newer than win xp. Save yourself some time and money and buy the USB to serial cable at Staples, they have the one with the Fidi chipset. A fellow ham turned me on to this tip and it solved all my problems. No more dropped connections or blue screens of death.
73 Chip

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