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California no hands law AI6OZ on 16/11/19
I agree with this law and it should be stricter. If it has been proven that holding a phone and talking into it while driving is dangerous. Using the same logic, holding a microphone and talking into it while driving is just as dangerous. I'm not going to let my dog in this argument abandon my logic and I fully support a law that restricts mobile use of cell phone, CB radios, AND amateur radios as well.

It has even been shown talking hands free is just as dangerous. It's not the act of talking that is dangerous. It's being DISTRACTED while driving. Engaging in a scratchy DX conversation on a mobile rig takes up a lot of brain power. Especially if the operator is messing with the controls of some of these complex rigs. The only exceptions I can see that are tolerable are emergency services needing to use their radios on the move.

ARRL, FCC Discussing Issue of Uncertified Imported VHF/UHF Transceivers WD3D on 16/11/19
Sorry. I have to disagree with this guy's proposal to make licensing stricter. I agree the code requirement was a good filter to keep the CB types out of our hobby. Not publishing the question pool would help as well. I agree with that old argument, but placing the modern "elmer" into such a position of importance is problematic since, from my experience surfing the HF frequencies, most of the most offensive deviants I've seen there ARE THE ELMERS who were licensed long long ago.

As far as the technical specifications of these radios, I haven't formed an opinion yet. I would tread lightly on this issue though. From what I read, one of the main issues is the ease at which these radios can be modified to operate out of band. I can think of plenty expensive name brand rigs that can be easily modified to operate out of band.

Be careful what you wish for.



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