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DX-CC dipole - bending parity on 15/1/13
I repositioned the Antenna once more in the attic and it finally tunes much better now.
DX-CC dipole - bending parity on 5/1/13
I bought the smaller DX-EE antenna and installed it. It hangs nicely in the attic away from metal and power lines. I bought a Yaesu 897 and an LG-AT-897plus tuner with it as well. The antenna seems to receive fairly well... for being in an attic.

I also got an SWR meter... evidently the SWR on the 40M band is way too high to even tune. On the 20M band I can only get it to transmit on AM with an SWR of 3:1 and the 10 meter band is similar. Not much luck installing this in the attic I suppose. I'll try to find a way to try it out outside.

DX-CC dipole - bending parity on 27/12/12
It's all wood and shingles, and the attic is on the third floor. I think I can get at least 24 ft. of elevation. A DX-EE will fit without bending... it's if I opt for the DX-CC when I need to bend the ends.
DX-CC dipole - bending parity on 26/12/12

According to the AARL Antenna Book, it seems reasonable to have some dipoles bent and folded to a certain extent (chapter on indoor antennas). For use as an indoor antenna, I could bent the line in each leg of the DX-CC at 20ft (so essentially a U, where each segment of the wire would be 20ft, for a total of ~80ft). That should fit the indoor space I have in mind.

The other indoor option, which seems to work for people, would be to get the DX-EE and set it up as an inverted V. This antenna does not handle the 80m band.

The question is, would setting up the DX-CC be at all worth the trouble, or will the results in the 40-10m be much better and outweigh the additional 80m capability?
considering this equipment parity on 4/6/12
Quote by K0BG
A couple of comments.

One thing you don't want to play is the Gain Game. The Comet you refer to has 6.5/9 dB of gain, but compared to what? There is no i or d after the dB rating.

The CHV-5X is a very minimal antenna. You'd certainly would be better off with a stealth wire antenna. Consider buying this ARRL publication:

If you're plan is to run mobile, here is the place to start:

Thanks for your reply. For as far as the GP-6, would you suggest an alternative that would work in an attic and not exceed 11 feet?

I'll bought the ARRL Antenna book (latest edition) and it should arrive tomorrow. I'll check out that Stealth book... The site you provided seems to have tons of information as well... so I'll be spending time reading up there for mobile solutions.

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