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Tune 40 m dipole for Tech QRP CW Dec 10th 2012, 20:14 3 5,705 on 11/12/12
Practical use of antenna, tuner, etc by new tech Oct 18th 2012, 22:00 14 6,407 on 7/11/12

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Tune 40 m dipole for Tech QRP CW WA1UKG on 10/12/12
New tech (soon).
Now that I have my 40m dipole up, I need to tune it. What QRP CW frequencies can I expect to work the most? I'm looking for a frequency to tune the antenna to.
Practical use of antenna, tuner, etc by new tech WA1UKG on 6/11/12
Is it acceptable practice to let some extra wire hang down from each end of the antenna to make pruning easier (or maybe add some wire without unwrapping the existing)? I recall reading somewhere about someone that added quick connects to make changing frequencies easier by using different lengths of dangling wire..
Practical use of antenna, tuner, etc by new tech WA1UKG on 31/10/12
After a lot of head scratching, talking to myself, and just generally loosing contact with my surroundings, I decided that the best installation is probably the simplest. In my front yard, next to the road, is a 25 ft palm tree. 69 ft from the top of the palm tree (straight shot) is the peak of my house. I will hang a 40m dipole without a balun between the two. I will be using CW on 40 and 15m. QUESTION: If the ends of the wire are insulated, should my resonant length calculations include the twisted wire attached to the end insulators? To insure the wire not coming loose I expect to twist at least 6 or 8 inches (each end) thru the insulator back around the primary wire. If the wire is bare is it then just the distance to the end?
Practical use of antenna, tuner, etc by new tech WA1UKG on 23/10/12
By using some fascia boards from adjoining areas I can get at least 70 feet strung up on the side of my house. If a 40m dipole has one or more 90 deg bends at the ends of a "mostly" straight 50 foot section of the antenna, how will that affect the operation? Will I have to add or subtract wire? (shaped sort of like this> ____/``````\_ )
Practical use of antenna, tuner, etc by new tech WA1UKG on 19/10/12
A 30 meter dipole will be roughly 55 ft of wire. I'm not sure I can get that in a straight line, so maybe an inverted U arrangement? I can mount some pvc on each chimney and run the end wires inside. That would put the horizontal wires at about 25 to 30 ft above ground. If I want good flexibility to different bands it sounds like I will need an autotuner. Should it be mounted right at the junction of the dipole? Is there any particular type that I should research? The peak of my roof is about 18 ft off the ground, and is 70 feet long. Maybe I can install some standoffs and run a wire along the peak? If I did that it would pass about 12" from the cooler.

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