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ICANN has new gTLDs. Time for a .ham gTLD? Nov 30th 2012, 03:18 5 8,498 on 20/3/16

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ICANN has new gTLDs. Time for a .ham gTLD? KK4MOR on 30/11/12
I can understand .aro, but I feel like .ham would be more universally recognized, as many non-AROs know what Ham Radio is but don't know what ARO stands for. Just my 2ยข on that point.

ICANN has new gTLDs. Time for a .ham gTLD? KK4MOR on 30/11/12
Late last year, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers created a new program (popularly called "New gTLDs") for generic top level domains. You can learn about it at Instead of domains going through a lengthy approval and acceptance process by ICANN with a limited number of gTLDs allowed (taking years for new gTLDs to be added), ICANN will now accept applications from any corporation or organization to create a new generic top level domain, and provided certain rules are met and no obvious roadblocks are in place, the gTLD will be created. (This is a simplistic description, but in short it's WAAAY easier to create new gTLDs now.)

This seems like a great opportunity for the Amateur Radio community to improve their presence on the web, and the ARRL seems like just the organization to be in charge of managing the gTLD.

What do y'all think about (or is anyone already working on?) a ".ham" gTLD. In my imagination it would be restricted to authorized Amateur Radio activity. For example, any person with an Amateur Radio call sign (and only than person) would be able to register a domain name with his or her callsign. My domain would be "kk4mor.ham," for example. Also, certain recognized organizations (such as ARRL) could have domain names in the .ham space ("arrl.ham").



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