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What was I listening today ? Feb 17th 2013, 23:32 2 5,737 on 18/2/13

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What was I listening today ? KF0HUH on 17/2/13
This afternoon around 3-4pm CST, I was playing with my newly
purchased Flex 1500 radio & a 35ft random wire in the attic.

I was tuned into 14.263 USB mode and receiving voice. I'm
a newbie so I'm slow to copy call signs. It sounded like a organized
Sunday afternoon thing. There was a moderator calling out
making contacts, referring to call districts and so on. I think
it was based out of the DWF area. For the most part it was a
one sided conversation... the moderator. I was able to listen
into a few where I could hear the other guy. One was based out of Waverly, Ohio WO8A (I think).

What was I listening to ?

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