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TP Link and SharkRF Openspot Oct 30th 2017, 13:38 2 10,456 on 7/2/18
Splitting a cophased feedline. Apr 3rd 2016, 06:56 2 5,205 on 3/4/16

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TP Link and SharkRF Openspot AF5SX on 30/10/17
I am a truck driver. Running all over the contiguous 48 states.
I want to use DMR, but Codeplugs are mostly a "local" thing. At most, regional (ie: Ok/TX). But nothing that can be used more than one day before having to change to another to cross another two states.
So, I bought a TP Link router (TL-WR802N) and a SharkRF Openspot.

That's where the problem started. In trying to set up the router to link to my Hotspot on my phone (iPhone7).
I cannot get to the settings page for the router. Continuously get error messages.

With all the videos I've watched, and saw many people set it up 1,2,3, I know it works. I know I MUST be doing some little thing wrong.

Any ideas or suggestions?

I would go so far as to pay a reasonable fee to get someone to set it up for me.
CB Base Antenna Issues GrizBear on 3/4/16
Griz, did you ever get your system up and running?
I have seen on sites that sell coax, they often show a "breaking radius" (?) of each line. (ie: a minimum bend in the coax before there is a danger of some breakage.)
Splitting a cophased feedline. AF5SX on 3/4/16
First, the set-up I am about to describe and question is in a Class 8 truck (18 wheeler).

I have always been told that if I start with a 50 ohm cophased feedline and split it at the junction I will end up with two 75 ohm lines.

My question (I just can't seem to wrap my head around the fact that, IF the feed line is constructed of two sections of 50 ohm line, when I split it, each side becomes 75 ohm), how and why does each side become 75 ohm instead of two, shorter, 50 ohm lines?

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