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RG58 to RG6 KF5VQP on 22/6/13
Ooops! HMO is spelled HOA!
RG58 to RG6 KF5VQP on 22/6/13
Thanks for the info. I'll scratch "Plan A". Would a workable "Plan B" be to set up my shack in the garage by running RG8x or RG8 from a roof mounted antenna down the conduit to the box and "sneak" out under the cover of the box to the rig? Currently there are 3 DishTV runs of coax through the conduit and continuing to the 3 Dish receivers we have in the house. There would be no spliter on the ham coax. Would there be reactance with the the dish cables? We live in an HMO environment which limits what we can put up as an antenna. Can you recommend an alternative to the MFJ 1788?
RG58 to RG6 KF5VQP on 22/6/13
My house was prewired for cable and satellite TV using RG6 cable. There is a conduit in the wall from the roof to a box in the garage. From that box there are pairs of RG6 cables running to eight locations in the house. One those locations is my "office" where I would like to set up my "shack". If I used a MFJ -1788 antenna on the roof and ran RG58 to the box in the garage, could I connect the RG58 to the RG6 to carry signal to the (would be) shack?

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