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SW receiver from old cellphone parts May 22nd 2016, 18:30 2 9,176 on 21/5/21

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Drone aka UAV to put up stationary antenna? xof7fox on 18/5/17
While this thread is a bit dated, it's close to what I'm researching. Couldn't you now use a tethered drone to lift your antenna and stay airborne virtually nonstop? I work at a broadcast network where shortwave is still important. I'd like more info on using a drone to lift a light-weight antenna wire, if at all possible, and use it for legal broadcasts in an emergency situations. My apologies if these are dumb questions and if this is the wrong forum to use. 73s.
SW receiver from old cellphone parts KK4UYV on 22/5/16
A colleague recently asked if it is possible to build a simple shortwave receiver from an old cellphone or parts of multiple cellphones. Most of us have heard of FM chips in today's phones but I'm at a loss. Anyone ever try this before? My spouse is ready to upgrade her iPhone 5C so that might be my first opportunity to break a phone apart and see what happens. 73s. AJ (KK4UYV)

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