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300 ohm folded dipole Feb 16th 2014, 20:15 3 6,895 on 24/2/14
need droid version of lotw Feb 12th 2014, 03:02 1 5,932 on 12/2/14
vanity call application dismissed Feb 12th 2014, 02:11 2 5,560 on 14/2/14

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300 ohm folded dipole KD8VLY on 24/2/14
as it turned out was the i was reading the mfj269 meters not the LCD display. After advise on another forum I programmed the analyzer for a Z of 300 and things started making sense. The meters were still not displaying anything close but the display was telling the truth. Since I was using a tuner 2 I was not worried about taking the antenna impeadence down to 50 ohms. THANKS anyway.
300 ohm folded dipole KD8VLY on 16/2/14
I'm lacking practical knowledge building an attic folded dipole out of 300 ohm TV twin lead wire. I'm shooting for 14.175mhz center frequency so it is about 33' long with a 33' twin lead feed line. I am lucky enough to have a friend borrow me a MFJ 269 analyzer but I cannot get the swr under infinity anywhere near the design frequency. At first I trimmed and trimmed some more until I got something close to 2:1 swr. At that point the antenna was about 28' long. Being completely baffeled by this I patched the antenna back to 32' 9" and am starting over.

I guess my questions how much faith should I place in my instruments? Is there another way to verify its readings? How much of a change should I get in the swr by trimming each end 3" or so? A sweep from 12 to 28 MHz gives me dips at:
12.151mhz almost infinity SWR. 300ohm
12.814mhz 3+ SWR. 200ohm
17.650mhz. 2.2 SWR. 28ohm
21.610mhz. almost infinity SWR. 380ohm
25mhz. 3+ 18ohm

73's to all
vanity call application dismissed KD8VLY on 14/2/14
I have an answer. After calling the FCC I was told their 2 year hold on issuing abandoned calls starts with the cancellation date, not the expiration date.
Computer Hardware Ideas? K7RMA on 12/2/14
I have a dedicated netbook. Seems like there might be some problems with legacy programs and newer windows not wanting to give up hardware addresses, but XP will do the job. I have my radio programming stored in it (CHIRP) as well as Ham Radio Deluxe and logging software. They are very small and portable enough to go with your HT. Screen is just big enough. My only problem is my wife fell in love with using it for Facebook from her lazy boy.
need droid version of lotw KD8VLY on 12/2/14
I wish there was a droid version of LOTW.
How about a forum for LOTW as well?

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