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QST section on portable W1AW? Nov 12th 2015, 18:06 4 4,858 on 12/11/15

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QST section on portable W1AW? gm4jjj on 12/11/15
Found it! It is in the November 2015 QST iOS Edition. The section does not show up in the "Contents" but if you view by "Pages" then at the end of the magazine there is a whole extra section "The W1AW Portable Operations" words and pictures from the operators. I was starting to doubt my own mind, hi. Anyway it is nicely done and I will now settle down for a good read on this dark and stormy night in Scotland. 73 de David GM4JJJ
QST section on portable W1AW? gm4jjj on 12/11/15
Thanks, but that wasn't it. It's most odd, it was like a complete other pull out section many pages numbered PO 1 PO 2 and so on mainly all photos of the stations. I can see it in minds eye, but can not find where it was. I am not sure if it was appeared as a separate edition or if it was within the QST edition itself. At the time I was looking for something else and closed it meaning to return later and now it has gone. The only thing I am certain of is the page numbering and that it was viewed with the iOS App. It's not really important, just one of life's puzzles.
Surely someone must have seen this?
QST section on portable W1AW? gm4jjj on 12/11/15
Yesterday I was looking at the QST app in iOS and in the December 2015 edition (I think) there was a section with photos and details about all of the W1AW portable operations. I noticed the pages were numbered PO 1 etc. Now I cannot find that section again and am beginning to think I imagined it all, hi. Has anyone else seen this section? Help please! Many thanks.

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