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Distance two antennas should be apart Apr 12th 2014, 18:32 3 5,935 on 13/5/14
Vanity Call - When to apply vs expiration date Apr 5th 2014, 19:16 3 7,029 on 2/5/14

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Distance two antennas should be apart WV0l on 12/4/14
I currently have a G5RV Plus antenna that I use for HF and 6 meters. However its 6 meters performance is not to good and at the high end of 6 meters the SWR is to high even with the antenna tuner.

So I was thinking of using one main coax for most of the run to the antenna(s) and putting a duplexer to split off the 6 meter band and feed it to a 1/2 wave dipole for the 6 meters.

So can I "hang" the two antennas in the trees together (say inches apart)? or would that interact even though only one would be active at a time. How far apart would they have to be?

If they were perpendicular (90 degrees) to each other would that make a difference? or can I get away with say maybe 45 degrees from each other?

Dealing with CCRs.
Vanity Call - When to apply vs expiration date WV0l on 5/4/14
I was wondering if someone could explain to me when I should apply for a vanity call relative to the call signs current expiration date.
Let’s say the call sign that I want is listed in the FCC database with an expiration date of 4/16/2014.
I thought that the FCC would only accept applications from 4/17/2014 on – one day after it expired. All applications received on that day went into a lottery and one would be selected. If none were received on the first day after the call sign was available, the process would occur on the day the first request for the call sign was received. All on that day go into a lottery …
However I see that some people seem to apply several days before the expiration date and they aren’t reject. Do they get the call sign or are they just put into the first group of people that apply 1 day after the expiration? (Followed the rules). So, how early can I make the application (before the expiration date) and not be rejected?

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