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Extremely high SWR?. Feb 10th 2014, 02:54 6 5,365 on 10/2/14

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Extremely high SWR?. WD4SEU on 10/2/14
Wow! Simple fix and I'm up and running.

9+ reports on 15 and 20 at lunch today

Extremely high SWR?. WD4SEU on 10/2/14
It was shorted. Haven't fixed yet(tonight will do), but would that also explain very low reception on all HF bands? Thanks
Extremely high SWR?. WD4SEU on 10/2/14
Been off air for 32 years. Just bought Titan DX and TS590S
Assembled, checked everything 5-6 times, and fired up new set up
Noticed little signal on all bands. Strongest was S3
590 tuner beeps warning SWR over 10, everywhere

Could a shorted Pl259 cause the lack of reception as well as SWR issue?

Again, I've been silent for 32 years and tonight was to be my homecoming!!!!

Thanks in advance

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