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qrp kits on the market? KA1TMA on 24/4/17
KeychainQRP's internal layout has been upgraded to make room for a 3.5mm keyer jack. This allows the use of external straight keys and electronic keyers. This could also potentially allow KeychainQRP transmitters to be used for RDF fox hunting and temporary/experimental propagation beacons as well.


Jim- KH2SR
Thoughts on learning Morse Code W0SJF on 5/2/17
Real world on the air learning can be very effective across a room with a friend using a QRPp rig such as the KeychainQRP.
New, easy way to learn CW KI6HQL on 5/2/17
Another great way to learn code is to actually get on the air with an ultra low power QRPp rig and practice with someone across a room.
best way to learn Morse Code - update KI6HQL on 5/2/17
Grab a couple of these little micro HF transmitters and practice sending code across the room to your friends HF receiver, shortwave radio, or a dual band handheld that has wideband HF receive mode.
qrp kits on the market? KA1TMA on 22/1/17
KeychainQRP is a pre-built micro HF transmitter thats so small it can be kept with your car keys. It's currently available for sale on Etsy. Copy and paste the link below:

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