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Topic Author Posted On can now sign LoTW logs K0STK on 23/5/14
This is a good thing. The largest hurdle to doing LoTW is getting the cert. As long as LoTW requires digital signing of logs, using a single-use PKI program, nothing will solve that.

This solves one problem: Moving TQSL certs around to machines. I need to keep 4 installations of TQSL in sync with each other, which is a general, all around, pain in the arse.

Not anymore: I submit my keys to QRZ, and they hang onto them for me.

Digitally singing logs is a silly requirement anyways. All it does is prove who SUBMITTED logs. And, do we really need to do that, beyond user name/password auth?
LOTW Complaints W4RIG on 20/5/14
unzip is a free (Free as in free beer, and free as in freedom):
D-Star - Is it worth it? KD5HIJ on 20/5/14
I personally do not think it's worth while. Not enough activity in the area, and it's a closed proprietary system, so, I wouldn't shell out extra just for D-Star.
Plans for LoTW? NK7Z on 28/3/14
LoTW should just do away with the signing requirement for logs of your own that you upload.

That would resolve about 90% of the frustration people have with the app.

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