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Restricted space multi band HF antenna recommendations Sep 8th 2014, 06:17 3 5,401 on 8/9/14

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Restricted space multi band HF antenna recommendations KA6ALF on 8/9/14
I live in a condo and recently upgraded to General. I would like to start using the HF privileges I just earned, but need some antenna advice. I would like to cram as many frequencies into a single antenna as possible, but do realize that it will work well on some frequencies and not so well on others. I need some advice as to what type antenna to look at. I have heard about loop and folded dipoles, magnetic loops, fan dipoles and verticals just to mention a few. I am going to have to mount this in the attic so space is limited. The attic measures 39' long and 15' wide across the floor with a 9' peak (from the floor). I already have the 2m and 440 taken care of so I am looking for 6m on up (as many as I can cover somewhat efficiently). I have photos of the attic available if needed.

Thanks in advance,
Mike KA6ALF(formerly KD6NVO)

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