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Antenna plots mikeh on 11/6/16
Ok, thanks so much for the help.
Antenna plots mikeh on 10/6/16
So the values on the chart are only applied where the concentric circles meet the plotted lines? e.g.- the 0 db straight out, the -2 db line meets at 30 deg off of the centerline, -4 at 40 deg, -20 db at 80 deg, etc?
Antenna plots mikeh on 10/6/16
Can anyone describe how to read an antenna polar plot diagram? I am pretty new to all of this. I understand the basic look of the thing, but don't understand why the dB start at negative 30 dB and go out to 0 dB. I'm reading through the ARRL book and it doesn't explain it at all; and surprisingly the internet is no help. Thanks.

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