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New ARRL Member 2 Queries vk2cri on 9/8/15
Thanks Martin , I will keep reading as much as I can as although I have started using LoTW it will be some time before I figure it all out but I am very interested Again thanks all the info I get will help 73s VK2CRI
New ARRL Member 2 Queries vk2cri on 8/8/15
Hi I have Relocated from ZL to VK & have a quantity of unused QSL Cards not used, Will I have to get new ones printed for LoTW? or could I have printed stickers with my new QTH details etc pasted over the old info??? I dont think so ,but the cards are such good quality and good design.
Another queery , If one is not in a contest , what is the correct procedure to reply to the contest station for my log details to submit to LoTW for Awards, do I go back to him with just an RST or plus a contact No as if I am in the contest as well ?
Being a Subscriber to QRZ allows me to upload to LoTW is it correct that I do not need to have any other logging program . After many years & losing all my logs , Now I am very keen to obtain WAS awards & others Thanks for any info VK2CRI ex ZL2AGE ,

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