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Grounding Antenna Jul 21st 2015, 20:57 5 4,765 on 22/7/15

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Grounding Antenna kd9bvr on 22/7/15
Also one thing I have to mention is that my vertical is about 50 to 60 feet from my house. I’ve read that I may have to drive a ground rod every 16 feet or so and bond them, but that seems a bit excessive. It would be much easier if I can bond the two grounds by running the wire through the PVC conduit that I have my coax going through.
Grounding Antenna kd9bvr on 22/7/15
Is it ok if run the bonding wire in the same conduit as my coax?
Grounding Antenna kd9bvr on 21/7/15
I’m putting in a 30 foot vertical antenna and plan on putting 60 50 foot radials.

The question that I have is that I assume I should drive a ground rod into the ground at the antenna and connect the radials to the ground rod as well. I also assume that I have to bond the ground rod to the ground rods coming for the main electric as well. To bond the grounds together can I run the #6 wire through the conduit that I ran from the antenna to the house or should that be outside of the conduit?

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