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HRD Log For Contesting K4WDR on 24/11/15
I am curious if others may possibly use the contesting templates included in HRD Log (Ham Radio Deluxe with possible customization) to contest?

I set up what I thought to be the correct template for the recent ARRL_SS_SSB and in the end, while exporting into Carrillo format for upload it was a mess all the way around. I was able to manually go back and reconstruct 99% of the contact information to meet the ARRL requirements, however it was indeed a painstaking process.

Does anyone know of a web site or data base set up for auto contesting templates for various contests?

Although the HRD software does provide templates for MANY contests, it seemed as though the default for the above mentioned contest did not include all the required exchange fields so I entered them manually and possibly that is where they were corrupted. Not exactley sure.

Any advice?

Hit and Runs K4WDR on 24/11/15
I have experienced many "experienced" contesting stations that will receive your exchange only to then leave frequency to leave you high and dry. I have labeled them "Drive By Contestants".

Do others find this common and is this a normal practice with those stations operating single operator who end up with two to 3 contacts for a 24 hr period (which means that they can't possibly eat, drink, sleep, use the restroom, etc... ).

Also, why are they allowed to get credit for the contact by ARRL when there is no record of the exchange in the receiving stations log?

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