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feedline in pvc K7WXW on 16/12/16
Thanks for the guidance. One more question... why do I read in QST and other publications that RF burns are a danger with exposed ladder line?
feedline in pvc K7WXW on 12/12/16
I am planning an 80m dipole that I want to feed with 450 ohm ladder line. The feedline will run from the antenna to an attachment point on the house and down to a grounded entrance panel. I am concerned that the RF voltage on the feedline, at least where there is some possibility of people or animals coming in contact with it.

If I place the ladder line inside a PVC conduit from the house connection point to the entrance panel, will I change the impedance or other characteristics of the feedline? Are there other reasons not to do this that I haven't thought about?

single ground point questions K7WXW on 6/11/16
Zack and Martin - thanks for the replies. Given the physical constraints, I probably need to build the single point ground in the front of the house (where the radio room will be) and run a copper line around to the back of the house, where the service panel is located. So... I have more research to do. One more question along those lines: does it make sense to bond that copper line to grounding rods along the run? The total distance will be about 80'. Thanks for your help!

73 Bill K7WXW
single ground point questions K7WXW on 5/11/16
I am a relatively new ham even if I am a fairly old electrical engineer. I hold a General ticket (on Sunday I will take, and hopefully pass, the Extra quiz). I've been working the 2M and 70cm bands with portable equipment while I figure out a base station design I can use to work HF/VHF/UHF. My base station will be in the basement, on the side of the house opposite the electrical service panel.

I've been reading through the various QST and other resources on lightning protection, which are quite helpful.

That said, here are my three current questions:

Is it safe to assume that it is better to locate the entrance for feed lines, etc near the service panel so I can build a good single point ground even though it means longer feed lines (inside and outside the house)?

The current electrical panel appears to use a cold water pipe for grounding. I don't imagine I can build decent lightning protection system using that as the single point ground so I am planning on sinking grounding rods. Is that true? If so, does it make sense to re-do the electrical service panel ground to attach to this new ground?

bill K7WXW

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