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80M Vertical with AH-4 Mar 13th 2018, 12:24 4 6,336 on 20/3/18
ARES weekend Oct 1st 2017, 14:16 3 7,669 on 4/10/17
antarctica on 5w ? Sep 24th 2017, 21:16 3 10,117 on 25/9/17

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80M Vertical with AH-4 KD7PJD on 19/3/18
yea, it seems that is gonna be the case. a 23' tall vertical is very $$! and would not be accomodated well on this vehicle. I've heard of other matching units that may work but i suppose the swr reflected and such may be a bit much ..............
80M Vertical with AH-4 KD7PJD on 13/3/18
I got a 'DEAL' on a Icom AH-2B antenna and a AH-4 tuner. I spent days making a quality installation on a 1973 Land Rover that gets beat here in the mountains and on the ranch.
I eventually got hold of the literature and now find that using it with my IC-7200 I won't be able to get into the 80M band without at least 23 ft. of antenna.
I called ICOM and it was suggested a 20M hamstick would work. I am looking for other possibilities, like a 23 ft. long vertical for this base?
The above equipment is all ready mounted, i haven't even used it yet and I would much prefer finding a way to make it function, especially because of the arduous environment it survives in and the extreme effort it took to get it on this rig. Any ideas?
ARES weekend KD7PJD on 4/10/17
thanks for the helpful reply W1VT, I will do that.
ARES weekend KD7PJD on 1/10/17
Here in the Mtns. of NE Oregon I am the only licensee for miles around and there is no one to talk to other than on HF.
I've decided to take my camp trailer up on some high mtn. this coming weekend (apx. 7K Ft.) and see what 2M repeaters I can hit and maybe listen to the ARES weekend.
This will be the last trip 'OUT' for the year before snow flies and i've read 4 pages of the ARRL news, visited regional managers page for Oregon and went to the ARES web site. Now its probable I've missed some info but I can tell you it's not easy to find what frequencies/times anything will be happening with ARES and I'm hoping someone will point me in the right direction ! I even filled out the ARES on line form but my computer couldn't do anything with it!
I hope this letter is in the appropriate category, if not my apologies and thanks for reading.
antarctica on 5w ? KD7PJD on 25/9/17
I'd be simply amazed getting antarctica on phone with 5 watts !!, I'm a big CW fan though and could see that happening. RE: dead band ... Can't be dead for EVERYWHERE, an attic dipole, 20 meters and 50 watts? way to go! Maybe there should be a low pwr. contest? I could see myself being a fan of this but it'd be ruff in high traffic.

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